Almost everything I do involves entrepreneurship and empowerment.

My work with others focuses on one, some or all of these domains: Entrepreneurship, Revenue, Recovery, Adventure.

My entrepreneurial activities began in elementary school. I then spent my teens and early 20s living in active addiction. In 1998 a program of recovery and a formal re-introduction to entrepreneurship saved my life.

Professionally I’ve spent the last 20+ years working closely with startups and other entrepreneurs.

I also have diverse investment and transaction experience that totals over $1 Billion (VC, PE and Real Estate). I later led multiple professional services practices generating over $250MM in revenue – two were within Big 4 firms.

In 2020 I founded Vanscend, a nonprofit that teaches entrepreneurship to people starting up and starting over in life, for free.

I earned a BS and an MBA in Entrepreneurship with honors from the global leader in entrepreneurship education where I graduated with honors while working full time.

Sample clients I've helped