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Addiction Recovery

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As a recovery coach I can help you:


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I have worked with organizations large and small as a consultant, trainer, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Addiction Recovery

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As a Consultant and Trainer I can help your organization:

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I speak at schools, companies, community organizations and other groups. At these events I deliver speeches about entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, solopreneurship, underdogs overcoming, the intersection of entrepreneurship + addiction recovery, long term recovery, recovering as a young adult, transitioning from career to entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial mindset, and more. I can customize any speech for your environment.
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My workshops are brought to the same places where I speak – the only difference is with my workshops is that I deliver an interactive experience for the audience. My workshops also span the domain of entrepreneurship, recovery and underdogs overcoming. Audiences can range from a small group to hundreds or more. I can customize any workshop for your environment.  
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Throughout my life I have invested in companies, people, assets and communities. Early in my career I spent over 10 years earning investment, acquisition and transaction experience that totaled over $1 billion in venture capital, private equity, structured debt, real estate and more.

My current investment focus involves addiction recovery, entrepreneurship education, future of work, upskilling, sustainability, and outdoor and adventure experiences. I am typically not the first check in to a business – but will co-invest when other experienced investors and capital providers are taking the lead. Exceptions to this includes entrepreneurs who want to launch businesses with 6-8 figure potential. I will occasionally cut small 4-5  figure checks for these opportunities.

In a consulting or board member capacity I will accept equity in lieu of fee for service – or a combination of both cash and equity.

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Having worked alongside Dave I have seen his perspective and approach consistently change the game. His career long commitment to the intersection of entrepreneurship and helping others is unique, compelling and refreshing. I will continue to engage Dave, as a consultant, speaker and trainer, well into the future.

Ken Egan EY Partner (retired)
Managing Partner, Cross Country Consulting

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave a few times over the years and he is incredible! He’s a big picture visionary who executes. His efforts to make entrepreneurship more accessible and more relevant to different populations is sorely needed. He also has a brilliant ability to customize his content and curriculum for a wide variety of audiences. I deeply respect Dave’s unconditional commitment to make an impact many only dream of.

Lauren Cittadino Deloitte, Smart CEO, The C-Suite Network

Dave and I worked closely together for a few years – he is a well-liked, top-performer who brings an entrepreneurial approach to all he does. His story is multi-faceted and inspiring. By channeling his own 20+ years of professional experience in entrepreneurial ecosystems combined with his personal experience as an “underdog overcoming” and a “phoenix rising” he is making a real difference in the world.

Hitesh Ramani Deloitte Partner (Retired)
CAO, UiPath
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